Botox and Filler Service

New Botox, Filler and Facial Injectables Service

Welcome to Mr Sterne’s new facial aesthetic service webpage!

Are you looking for a highly respected Tatler-recommended local Plastic Surgeon to safely perform your botox / filler injections? Are you interested in having Botox but are scared of receiving unregulated substances, by untrained individuals and getting unnatural results?

The overfilled, false look or the paralysed smooth faces that we have all seen on TV or in magazines are not inevitable outcomes of facial injections. They are the result of these treatments being done poorly and are the result of a lack of regulation in the aesthetic industry. Done well by a recognised expert in facial cosmetic surgery they can produce excellent facial rejuvenation results with a very natural, refreshed appearance.

Mr Sterne does not offer cut-price ‘bargain’ treatments, but having him plan and undertake your treatments is surprisingly affordable, and offers you the quiet confidence of knowing that you are in safe, skilled hands.

Mr Sterne is a highly-qualified expert Plastic Surgeon with over 20 years’ experience of using botox and facial fillers. He will consult with you personally and then devise and undertake a tailored, bespoke non-surgical regime to achieve the most natural facial rejuvenation possible.

If you would like to know more about having these procedures with Mr Sterne at a modern clinical facility in Stourbridge, please contact Jude on 0121 361 8008, email her on or submit your details on the form below