Labial Reduction

The inner lips (or labia minora) of the vagina can occasionally be oversized, resulting in embarrassment and occasionally discomfort during sex, exercise or even when wearing jeans or underwear. A labial reduction operation is a simple surgical procedure which reduces the excess skin and corrects these problems.

There are two surgical approaches to reducing the labia. Some surgeons simply cut them off, but this results in a somewhat odd postoperative appearance. It is better to refashion the labia, which involves a little more surgery, but a much more natural postoperative appearance.

The operation can be done under general anaesthetic (with you asleep) or occasionally under local anaesthetic and sedation. The procedure takes about an hour and a half and there is usually no need to stay in hospital overnight. All sutures are dissolvable so there is no need to have stitches removed. Most patients return to normal sexual activity after 6 weeks.