Inverted Nipples

What is an inverted nipple?

Inverted nipples are when one or both nipples are pulled into the breast so they create a dimple or crease. This is usually caused by a short milk duct which prevents the nipple from jutting out as it normally would. Mostly, inverted nipples are simply a cosmetic issue, but occasionally they can become sore or infected.

Correcting an inverted nipple

An inverted nipple can be corrected by a simple operation which divides the shortened milk duct and allows the nipple to jut out fully. If all of the milk ducts need to be divided, this may impair your ability to breastfeed. This simple procedure can be done under either a local or general anaesthetic depending upon your own preference.

A word of caution: If a nipple becomes inverted over a short period of time (weeks or months), this needs to be taken seriously as it can occasionally be caused by a breast cancer. In this event, you should visit your family doctor and discuss it with them.

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