Gender Reassignment Chest Surgery

What is gender reassignment?

Chest surgery is the commonest surgical procedure sought by transitioning men. The aim is to remove the breasts, recontour the chest to a male shape and reduce and reposition the nipples. There are a number of surgical options for achieving these goals. The final choice of scar pattern needs to be decided on an individual basis, and I will discuss the pros and cons of these in consultation.

The main choices for scar pattern are:

  • Double Incision: This is the best choice for moderate or larger breasts and results in a scar in the crease line under the breast and another scar around the nipple. Variations in the exact position of the larger scar can be discussed and decided upon at preoperative consultation.
  • Peri-Areolar Incision: Generally speaking, this is the best choice for small breasts, where not much breast skin has to be removed. This results in the smallest scars, but these scars are at greatest risk of becoming stretched or becoming thick, red and itchy.

This is the video diary of one of my patients who has put together a fascinating contemporaneous account of his journey through a transition with hormones and chest surgery.

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